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Weekend ride

Weekend Ride

My body filled with excitement as we pulled into the driveway. We were going to the farm for a bike ride just my dad brother and I. Dad told us to wait here while he went to pay the guy for letting us ride his track. When he came back me and my brother had already gotten into a fight, and I had started crying cause he had smacked me in the back of my head. When dad hopped into the car he
told us to stop fighting or we would just leave right now with out setting a foot on the track. So from then on my brother didn't talk to me at all, which I was pretty alright with at the time until I wanted something but he wouldn't give it to me.

We finally left the office and headed down to the main track, dad told me to just take the first lap slow but of course I didn't  listen and nearly flew of my bike. After I couple laps of the track I started to get the hang of  all the berms and jumps, and started hitting a couple of them. Then I heard a loud roar I looked up on the hill and saw my dad riding down. I started to. Put the hammer down so he wouldn't catch me be then he did and pulled me over, to ask if a wanted to do a trail with him. I said yeah and waited for my brother to ride past me so I could tell him where we were going to go while dad went to get a quick drink of water. I opened the little Fench  gate or what ever it was so we could ride through it to get onto the main trail track. I started my bike up and started following behind my dad around the trail then i looked down and all I could see was a massive stream thingy I started gassing it and so did my dad then SPLOSH I was covered from tip to bottom in water I could hear my dad in front of me laughing as we kept on going. He had sprayed me with water and now I was really angry because the trail was 35 minutes long and I was all ready wet.

By the time we got back from the farm it was about 10 thirty and we still had to unpack the car and the  traller. And by the look on dads face he didn't want to unpack either one of them cause he was so tired and sore. I hope not long from now I will get to go back there for another ride and hopefully stay the night. Best day ever!!!! I thought the rest of the night.

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Hayden said...

Nice story Arlo ( a couple of spelling mistakes) but other wise sounds pretty fun :) Hayden

Anonymous said...

Awesome Story Arlo