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Aussie Post

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                                                        Happy Easter Eggs!

Sorry that I have not been on the blog much so I'm going to update you on the last few days. I have left the comfort of my 5 star hotel in Melbourne and left on a five hour journey to a little town called Naracoorte. (It is a aboriginal name.) To see my sisters god parents. The next day we went into some awesome caves. I learnt about extinct animals from here in Australia there is one that looks like a kangaroo that has a koalas face it is very scary! Yesterday I went to Mount Gambier.  we did lots of shopping and that is pretty much all we did there not including eating stuff. On the way back from there I got a little green lolly known as a WARHEAD! The way people react to these sour lolly's I was expecting my mouth to be bleeding because of the sour. But just like steeping on legos people on the internet just way overreact to them I mean the WARHEAD challenge would not be nice but when you just have one it is manageable. The most sour moment of it is the second it touches your mouth. and the sour depletes as time goes on. Then it tastes like yummy green apple. So those have been my days BYE BYE.  The picture below is of warheads (I had green ones.)

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