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Day 3 In Melbourne - Puffing Billy Train Ride/Visit to Chocolatier/Wildlife Sanctuary.

We got up very early this morning, as we had to catch the Grayline bus at our Hotel door at 7.30 to head out to a place called Dandenong Ranges National Park.                                                        
We got out there and fed some cockatoos.  They were wild, but used to people and they came and flew down onto us.  Their claws were super sharp when they were standing on my bare skin! 
We then had a morning tea, thanks to our driver who cooked us tea on the billy and served us lamingotns and crackers with Vegemite.

Pretty soon we got to  Carry on to the place where we were going to have our Steam train ride.  The Steam Train was called Puffing Billy and it was great fun riding in his carriage.  We were allowed to put our feet out the train and hold on to the barriers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

After that we went on our bus to a Roast Spit lunch held at the Fergusson vineyard. Awesome
Then to a chocolatier.  Great tastings there!  (but Mum said NO WE DONT NEED CHOCOLATE!)
After that we went to a Wildlife Sanctuary where we got to see, tons of birds..Koalas, Snakes, Kangaroos, Dingoes, and a Platypus too.  It was really cool

We didn't get back to our Hotel until 7.30pm.  What a long day we'd had.

We had a swim, before we headed out for dinner.
Had dinner
Bact to our Hotel.
Crashed out

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