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What i am and are not looking forward to. (Camp Edition!)

So just to start this off I am incredibly excited for camp. O.K know that's out the way what I'm looking forward to the luge and being away from Kendyl (my sis) and my parents. What I'm not looking forward to is being away from my phone and play station. I mean like who is going to update my Instagram who is going to keep on top of playing some star wars battlefront who is going to watch hours of YouTube? Not my parents they have to check Facebook and watch shortland street. But I am still really excited for camp!
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Ella said...

HAHAHA, Asher that's really funny

Neetz said...

Oh man Asher Basher ... you're a clown... lol firstly Dad and I have NEVER watched that shortland st garbage!!! Secondly we know you're going to be crying big boy tears into your pillowcase every night ((PS .. did you take HIPPO with you?)) hahahaah cheeky xx Love Mum and Dad and annoying sis xxx

PS: we still love you even though you are hating on us ... heheheh xxxx

Neetz said...
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