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This is our Marae trip group recount where we will be sharing our parts of the Marae trip.

As we we're walking I was dazzled by the carvings on the Marae it was spectacular. When we got in front of the big building we had to take our shoes off and our hats because there was a rule after I took my shoes off I  went inside. Wow there were so many cool pictures on the wall probably their great ancestors there were three pictures up top they were the starters of the tribe. When I sat down I was so squished  I had to form myself into a egg. I was squished too when we ate lunch what a relief.

As I was finishing up my last piece of lunch, Mrs. Eagles shouted “ Right finish up, you will be able to go to your activities in a minute. The year 1 and 2s are going into the Marea, The year 3s and 4s are going to do the weaving, The years 5 and 6 are going to learn about the eels in the hall, And the year 7s and 8s are going into the hall to write down what you have learnt so far.  After a few minutes the teachers told us that the class in the room is going to be about 15 minutes so we had to go into the Marae for a while. When we got in we had to sit on the mattress and watch the guy talk about the house and it's origin.

Near the end of the day we were drawing the carvings on our pieces of paper with our pencils, erasers and sharpeners drawing to the best of our abilities for our artwork next term. What I decided to do is take random bits of the carvings because it was easier in my head to do it that way so I could do more carvings but I still took my time in drawing the carvings I chose so it would look really nice and pretty.

After Mr. O had told us to pack up so we could go home and that was one of the things we were all excited about because the Marae trip was really tiring. On the bus trip back to school everyone was really tired from the day and mostly everyone was really relaxed when until Riley said
“Should I jump at the bridge? I’m gonna do it” and in response Isla and I were telling him not to because he’s not meant to do that and I put my hand on his shoulder trying make him not jump but thankfully he didn't then the rest of the day was peaceful.

Group Writing

We all arrived at school with butterflies swirling at full speed inside our stomachs as we were all excited for the Marae trip, (or just a day off school). We grabbed our bags and headed for the courts to line up and get on one of the five buses. Soon as we were on we began the drive in the loud child filled bus. It was now time to see the huge Marae.

We approached tall Marae as we walked up to it the girls were in the front and the boys followed us. We were then welcomed into the building as we walked in bare footed.The first thing we saw when we walked in was all the photos of the ancestors of the Marae on the back wall, we even saw Shakira's aunty. We then all took our seats some of us sat on chair and others sat on the wooden floor with a thin light green carpet and said a karakia. After that we listened to the Marae owners sing a song, then we heard Xavier’s mihi followed by the school singing tutiri mai. We then walked out of the Marae after the school council and four kids from the kapa haka ground did a hongi. We were then out of the Marae and it was time for morning tea.

We then heard some of the history of the Marae was really interesting we saw all the photos, and then Brena told us all about the top three photos and they are the chiefs of the Marae that watch over us and all the other past ancestors watching us from above. Brena asked us some questions and we had to answer them and then we asked him some questions like why do only men speak at the marae and its to protect the woman behind them. After all the questions Brena said that we were going to play a game and we had to match the beat, we had to count to seven in Maori. There were seven rounds and seven beats and once we had finish Brena said that the boys were terrible and he said to watch the girls do it and then we got faster and faster as we procided in the rhythm game.

After lunch, we learnt about short finned and and long finned eels. We learnt about their life cycle, the difference between the short finned eel and the long finned eel and the man who taught us about eels had a type of oil that they use at the dentist to numb your gum and teeth. Did you know that an eel can choose to be a boy or a girl, so the boys have to keep annoying the girls so they don't change into a boy. The short finned eel has a parallel fin and the long finned eel doesn't. The life cycle of an eel starts as a little egg, the eggs are usually in fresh water, when the egg hatches they become larva, soon they become a glass eel,when they are a glass eel, they swim out to the sea. When they are an elver eel, they return to the freshwater river their egg was, there they grow to an adult and lay their eggs. All eels go back to where their egg was.

It was a great time at the Marae and everyone at the school enjoyed that day even if they only wanted a another day off school. But it was a lot of fun and a great time that no one will ever forget (you know unless they get amnesia or something).

As we were walking to the marae we were getting welcomed by one of the members as we were walking in the marae we had to take our shoes off. When we were in the people had to do prayer. When the last prayer was done Xavier had to do his Mihi when Xavier finished we sang totamai. As we sang the last verse of the the song the council and the kapa haka leaders went to hongi  as the hongi’s were done we sang tena koutou When we sang the last word of tena koutou we went outside and had morning tea. After morning tea we went into the food hall and started writing about what we had done.

After we finished writing about what we had done so far at the marae we entered the marae and asked a bunch of questions such as how long has this marae been around for?,why are the people buried inside the marae and not outside?, why are why are women in front of the men when we enter and etc. After we finished asking questions we played a game called taka hia pake. To play taka hia pake the man would make a beat and you have to copy it. Next we had lunch and went behind the buses and played.

Once we had finished playing we went back to the Marae and grabbed a piece of paper and a art pencil. Then we headed into the Marae and tried to draw the old Maori carving that was right in the middle of the Marae. After we had Finished sketching we walked to the place where we had our lunch and we grabbed our bags and our shoes and we walked to the front of the Marae so we could wait for the others. Once everyone had collected everything we walked to the bus and went back to our school.

1.It was Thursday the 7th of April whole of Maungatapere School was going to a Marae to learn about the history from our area. We jumped on five different buses and headed off to the Marae. When we got there we took our shoes and hats off because it’s disrespectful. We were welcomed inside and the years 0-6 sat squished on the ground while the years 7-8 all sat on chairs the people who ran the Marae said there Mihis and said prayer and gave a couple of speeches then the school sang a couple of songs. Then they told everyone the boundaries. They slowly released us class by class out for our morning tea.

2. After morning tea we headed back into the Marae to ask some questions and play a game. We all took a seat while Mihinoas Dad started to explain the Marae rules and its history about the past events and meanings to the Marae. When he had finished talking about the Marae it was question time, questions were asked mostly about what the Marae was used for and the what the pictures of past people on the wall, all questions were answered before we headed into playing a game it was a hand clapping and coordination game the start of the game was really easy but as we kept going it got harder and harder!.

3. During lunch at the Marae and we learnt about the eels, we learnt all about them like where they were born and how they can choose if their a girl or a boy. We got to smell the eels oil and they use it for numbing your teeth when you go to the dentist. The mum and dad go back to where they were born to lay their eggs. We saw lots of pictures of eels and of what they do but we didn't get to see the eels.

4.  After we had finished our lunch it was time to head back over to the other side of the.arae for some sketching. We all sat out on the grass in front of the Marae while the teachers explained to us what was going to be happening for the next hour or so. After a while of sitting we finally got to start everyone grabbed a pencil and paper before splitting off to find what we wanted to sketch. My friends and I sat out in front of the Marae and sketched the Maori patterns that stretched out across the top of the building. Outside It was extremely hot laying in the sun and I could barely see the patterns it was so bright. I found it pretty hard trying to sketch the drawings as they had quite a bit of detail in them. But the Marae visit was actually pretty good day, even though we didn't get to go see the eels or do the flax weaving but overall I still thought it was pretty fun.
1.Eels.                                                                                                                                             The old man greeted us inside the hall and got us all to sit around the table we all took a peek at the cards. We learnt lots of things including there are 2 main types of eels the long-fin and short-fin. The long-fin is longer and fatter and the short-fin is smaller and skinnier. The man, next passed around a small tube that had nothing in it everyone took a smell. It smelt like vanilla essence but stronger. Then the man told us that they used it to put the eels to sleep so they could put tracking devices in them. The eels first start off as lots of little eggs that float around until they slither out and return to where their parents came from. Then they grow and grow and between 7 and 100 they can choose to be male or female.       

2. Welcoming
When we were getting ready to go on the Marae all the girls had to go to the front and the boys had to got to the back but the school council and some off the kappa Hakka people had to go to the front  of the shutter  then Mihi Noah's dad was talking Maori And greeting us onto the Marae and then this old lady and was greeting us to. we all were walking really slow  I was walking next to Mauta Shane we went up the stairs and took of our shoes and hats we all went in but the council and the four kapa Haka people had to sit on one off the beds then we had to stand up because we had to go kiss them so that is greeting them we went up but they didn't kiss us on the cheek so we just walked past and then we had to sit back down but the council had to sit on the ground Kate, Carter,Ashden,Ocean and myself had to stay on the bed because we had to sing we stay there until they had finished there Mihi and then we went up and sang the two songs with the whole school it was so cool.

3  Questions
All the year 7 and 8s go into the Marae to ask questions we sit down and the man asks us “what is the difference between tatou and katou?” And everyone just sits there silently having no idea ( I can't remember the answer so yeah we will just skip it.) all these pictures on the walls They are all related to you somehow. At this moment I think it is quite creepy. “So I have asked you enough questions you ask me some” hands go up here there and everywhere. “Why do the men always talk louder?” Someone asks. “It is to protect their women for being flirted with and to protect them from any dangers.”

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You know that you're doing something big when your company name becomes a verb. Ask Xerox. In 1959 they created the first plain paper copy machine. It was one of the most successful products ever. The company name Xerox grew into a verb that means "to copy," as in "Bob, can you Xerox this for me?" Around 50 years later, the same thing happened to Google. Their company name grew into a verb that means "to do an internet search." Now everyone and their grandma knows what it means to Google it.

Unlike Xerox, Google wasn't the first company to invent their product, not by a long shot. Lycos released their search engine in 1993. Yahoo! came out in 1994. AltaVista began serving results in 1995. Google did not come out until years later, in 1998. Though a few years difference may not seem like much, this is a major head start in the fast moving world of tech. So how did Google do it? How did they overtake their competitors who had such huge leads in time and money? Maybe one good idea made all the difference.

There are millions and millions of sites on the internet. How does a search engine know which ones are relevant to your search? This is a question that great minds have been working on for decades. To understand how Google changed the game, you need to know how search engines worked in 1998. Back then most websites looked at the words in your query. They counted how many times those words appeared on each page. Then they might return pages where the words in your query appeared the most. This system did not work well and people often had to click through pages and pages of results to find what they wanted.
Google was the first search engine that began considering links. Links are those blue underlined words that take you to other pages when you click on them. Larry Page, cofounder of Google, believed that meaningful data could be drawn from how those links connect. Page figured that websites with many links pointing at them were more important than those that had few. He was right. Google's search results were much better than their rivals. They would soon become the world's most used search engine.

It wasn't just the great search results that led to Google becoming so well liked. It also had to do with the way that they presented their product. Most of the other search engines were cluttered. Their home pages were filled with everything from news stories to stock quotes. But Google's homepage was, and still is, clean. There's nothing on it but the logo, the search box, and a few links. It almost appears empty. In fact, when they were first testing it, users would wait at the home page and not do anything. When asked why, they said that they were, "waiting for the rest of the page to load." People couldn't imagine such a clean and open page as being complete. But the fresh design grew on people once they got used to it.

These days Google has its hands in everything from self-driving cars to helping humans live longer. Though they have many other popular products, they will always be best known for their search engine. The Google search engine has changed our lives and our language. Not only is it a fantastic product, it is a standing example that one good idea (and a lot of hard work) can change the world.

1. Which event happened last?
a. Lycos released their search engine. b. Yahoo! released their search engine.

c. Google released their search engine. d. Xerox released their copy machine.

2. Which statement would the author of this text most likely disagree with?
a. Part of Google's success is due to the design of their homepage.
b. Google succeeded by following examples of others in their field.
c. Google wasn't the first search engine, but it was the best.
d. Google's success may not have been possible without Larry Page.

3. Which best expresses the main idea of the third paragraph?
a. There are lots and lots of websites connected to the internet.
b. Google created a better way to organize search results.
c. Many smart people have worked on search engines over the years.
d. Older search engines used unreliable methods to order results.

4. What is the author's main purpose in writing this article?
a. To explain how Google overtook its rivals
b. To compare and contrast Google and Xerox
c. To persuade readers to use Google for internet searches
d. To discuss how companies can influence language over time

5. Which statement would the author most likely agree with?
a. Google became successful because its founders were well-connected.
b. Google was the world's first and best search engine.
c. Google changed the world by solving an old problem in a new way.
d. Google's other products are now more important to its success than search.

6. Which best expresses the main idea of the fourth paragraph?
a. Links allow people to surf from one website to the next.
b. Larry Page's ideas about links helped Google get to the top.
c. Larry Page contributed to the internet by inventing the link.
d. Google is a website that serves important links to users.

7. Which best explains why the author discusses Xerox in this text?
a. He is discussing big companies that came before Google.
b. He is explaining how companies must change with the times.
c. He is showing how companies can affect our language.
d. He is comparing and contrasting Google and Xerox.

8. How did Google improve search quality in 1998?
a. They counted how many times queries appeared on each page.
b. They looked more closely at the words in search queries.
c. They linked to more pages.
d. They studied the relationships of links.

9. Which was cited as a reason why Google became so popular?
a. Google's homepage was clean.
b. Google provided catchy news stories on their homepage.
c. Google homepage loaded quickly.
d. Google provided useful stock quotes on their homepage.

10. Which title best expresses the author's main purpose in writing this text?
a. Xerox Vs. Google: Battle of the Titans
b. Search Engines: How They Work and Why They're Important
c. A Better Way: How Google Rose to the Top
d. Search Engines: A Short History of Important Tools
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