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Marae Trip By Boston Cade And Ethan

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As we were walking to the marae we were getting welcomed by one of the members as we were walking in the marae we had to take our shoes off. When we were in the people had to do prayer. When the last prayer was done Xavier had to do his Mihi when Xavier finished we sang totamai. As we sang the last verse of the the song the council and the kapa haka leaders went to hongi  as the hongi’s were done we sang tena koutou When we sang the last word of tena koutou we went outside and had morning tea. After morning tea we went into the food hall and started writing about what we had done.

After we finished writing about what we had done so far at the marae we entered the marae and asked a bunch of questions such as how long has this marae been around for?,why are the people buried inside the marae and not outside?, why are why are women in front of the men when we enter and etc. After we finished asking questions we played a game called taka hia pake. To play taka hia pake the man would make a beat and you have to copy it. Next we had lunch and went behind the buses and played.

Once we had finished playing we went back to the Marae and grabbed a piece of paper and a art pencil. Then we headed into the Marae and tried to draw the old Maori carving that was right in the middle of the Marae. After we had Finished sketching we walked to the place where we had our lunch and we grabbed our bags and our shoes and we walked to the front of the Marae so we could wait for the others. Once everyone had collected everything we walked to the bus and went back to our school.

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