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marae trip

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This is our Marae trip group recount where we will be sharing our parts of the Marae trip.

As we we're walking I was dazzled by the carvings on the Marae it was spectacular. When we got in front of the big building we had to take our shoes off and our hats because there was a rule after I took my shoes off I  went inside. Wow there were so many cool pictures on the wall probably their great ancestors there were three pictures up top they were the starters of the tribe. When I sat down I was so squished  I had to form myself into a egg. I was squished too when we ate lunch what a relief.

As I was finishing up my last piece of lunch, Mrs. Eagles shouted “ Right finish up, you will be able to go to your activities in a minute. The year 1 and 2s are going into the Marea, The year 3s and 4s are going to do the weaving, The years 5 and 6 are going to learn about the eels in the hall, And the year 7s and 8s are going into the hall to write down what you have learnt so far.  After a few minutes the teachers told us that the class in the room is going to be about 15 minutes so we had to go into the Marae for a while. When we got in we had to sit on the mattress and watch the guy talk about the house and it's origin.

Near the end of the day we were drawing the carvings on our pieces of paper with our pencils, erasers and sharpeners drawing to the best of our abilities for our artwork next term. What I decided to do is take random bits of the carvings because it was easier in my head to do it that way so I could do more carvings but I still took my time in drawing the carvings I chose so it would look really nice and pretty.

After Mr. O had told us to pack up so we could go home and that was one of the things we were all excited about because the Marae trip was really tiring. On the bus trip back to school everyone was really tired from the day and mostly everyone was really relaxed when until Riley said
“Should I jump at the bridge? I’m gonna do it” and in response Isla and I were telling him not to because he’s not meant to do that and I put my hand on his shoulder trying make him not jump but thankfully he didn't then the rest of the day was peaceful.

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