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Image result for richie mccawThe name of my hero is Richie McCaw
Date of birth: 31 December 1980
Place of birth: Oamru New Zealand
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 107 kg
School: Otago Boys High School
University: Lincon University
Wife: Gemma Flynn Married 2017

The reason why Richie is my hero is because he has not only inspired me but hundreds of other people in New Zealand. To try there best in every thing they do especialy when it comes to rugby.
He once had the same goal that most boys in New Zealand have and that is making the All Blacks. He achieved his goal but it took a lot of hard work to get there. What I have learnt from Richie Has really helped me with my rugby learning all of his tricks from watching the All Blacks.       
8:50-9:00 am Roll
9:00-10:00 am Swimming
10:00-10:25 am Math
SSR 10:50 am
Reading 11:00 am -12:00 pm
Writing 12:00-12:25 pm
 LUNCH TIME 1:10 pm
1:10-1:15 SSR
Art 1:15-2:00pm
Game 2:00-2:50pm

SWIMMING:  Two lenths free style of the pool. Then two lenths back strok.
MATH: test and group working.
READING: Journal reading and group reading.
WRITING: Animal reports.
ART: portrait painting.
GAME: long ball room 7 vs room 8

Time table
8:50-9:00 am Roll and notices
9:00-9:35 am Swimming
9:35-9:55 am Handwriting
9:55-10:25 am Table group activity
Morning Tea till 10:50 am  
10:50-11:40 am Maths
11:40-12:25 pm Reading
Lunch till 1:10 pm
1:10-1:20 pm SSR
1:20-2:00 pm Art
2:00 2:50 pm Game
End of the day home time.

 Swimming: Do a warm up lap of freestyle and dolphin dives , Whirlpool
   Play a game of water polo.

  Handwriting: Learning intention then do the handwriting
  card and rule off with red pen.

  Table group act: Table gets given cards with questions
   and they take turns to answer them.

  Maths: Warm up quick questions, Main lesson how to set up
 and use a number line probably,  to finish a game of around the world.

 Reading: Read an article from a journal about rugby, then fill out a work sheet.

 Art:  Student gets a piece of paper with a photo of them on it, then with cotton buds and paint the student dabs the cotton bud to paint there face.

 Game: Game of capture the flag year 7 vs year 8.  


 🆁 really good at reading

 I live in the middle of the bush

A and E, I spend lots of time at the hospital

N never goes anywhere without Caitlin

A animals are my favorite topic to study

A Gentoo penguin waddles over rocks, past seals at the Yankee Harbor in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica. Legions of penguins hurl themselves into the icy waters of Antarctica, foraging to feed their young. Like seals and whales, they eat krill, an inch-long shrimplike crustacean that forms the basis of the Southern Ocean food chain. But penguin-watchers say the krill are getting scarcer in ...

Whole Class

Tom's Reading

We are writing a recount by using a mindmap

Working together with rally coach means we are both contributing evenly.

We are great readers in room 7. Quality work!!!!

Why do sugary cupcakes with frosting and sugar sprinkles taste so good? The answer has to do with how we fuel our bodies. Photo from: Pixabay

Reading Homework Week 3 T1 - Complete in your homework book.

Dear Santa.

Thank you for all the stuff I got for Christmas.The candy was delicious I ate it all that night thank you for the star wars cup it’s so big. Did you like the beer we left for you thanks for the water billions we threw them all at, Uncle Rod he was soaking wet it was funny. Isak and I went out with Uncle Rod and drove our remote control car’s out for a spin Isak crashed a lot Uncle rod was good at driving his car he didn't crash once. Wen we went back to rod’s house Aunt Sandy came out she led us to there fiberglass goat called Wichard we gave him a red bow tie.
Dear Santa

I hope you had a great short holiday and a good time giving out presents and receiving letters. I got a trampoline, and a horse to look after from my dad. My family met in Tauranga at my grandmas house. We had a ginormous ham that my dad cooked and a pavlova that my aunty cooked. We also had loads of chocolate and icecream. This year I gave Mum a rolling pin for her baking and i gave Uncle Rod a red bowtie for Wichard his goat. After Christmas my brother, Jimi and i went across to Hamilton to stay with Aunty Sandy and Uncle Rod. They took us to Leap the indoor trampoline park. The park had a foam pit to jump into, but Uncle Rod wouldn’t jump in with us because he was to scared that he would drown in the bits of foam.
I have always wondered what do the elves do when Christmas is not near.
Thank you Santa for the chocolate, water balloons and Knuckle Bones. Next year can I please have the Whittakers Chocolate.

Yours Sincerely,

Caitlin Thompson   

Dear Santa

Thank you so much for all my Christmas presents. I hope you and Mrs Claus had a very nice year last year and I hope you a great year this year. How are your elves? I hope you didn't give them too much hard work this year. I really enjoyed all of the nail polish you gave me, even if they all came from Aliexpress. I’m so sorry I didn't write to you sooner, I was just so busy hanging out with all the cuzzies atb the baches. On Christmas day I didn't really do much except for open prezzies and ate Christmas breakfast. For breakfast mum made bacon,hash browns, eggs, croissants, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. I only ate the hash browns, the eggs and the croissants. Because I don't really like bacon and the mushrooms and tomatoes were a little bit over done and by a little bit I mean a lot over done. After that I painted my nails with all the nail polish you gave me. We didn't have lunch because we were all to full from our delicious breakfast. Around lunch time we went to the beach I’m not sure what beach it was but it was really fun, even Alfie (my dog) had fun. But all and all I had a pretty great Christmas.

Yours Sincerely

Tayla Shepherd

Dear Santa
Thank you for the drone, I've taken pictures one hundred meters in the sky. I have been paranoid I'm going to get the drone stuck in the tree. I have also got a lot chubbier from hundreds of chocolate bars I've eaten the past few months and also thank you for the fit bit I can now burn off those chocolate bars I've eaten. Oh! and you know how I was paranoid about getting my drone stuck in the tree… it kind of is Shhh! Don't tell Mum. Hopefully it will come down soon. Are you enjoying your past two months off? Back to the chocolate again can I get the cookies and cream ones instead. Although the holidays flew past I can now work on my math skills. I had an awesome six weeks at the beach getting burnt with the cousins, and fighting over the fan (can I get a huge fan next Christmas and I maybe need a really big ladder to get the drone down from the tree) and I’ve also heard about that new Xbox coming out next year I’ve also heard I've done a lot of dishes well I'm gonna go now all this writing got me tired. Bye Santa

Yours Sincerely
Jaquel Armstrong   


Dear Santa

Thank you for my motorbike and my socks. They have made a big difference in my life because all the
rest of my socks have holes in them and my motorbike gives me something to do when my dad starts
to talk. I can just ride off up the hills and through the forest and when my sister comes out to the farm
we have races. So now I would like something to wash it up with. Thanks for my new drone now I can
save my petrol and still check out the sheep and cattle as they are always getting out. Thank you for
my telescope as now I can see the sparkling stars up close and the moon. Thank you for my amazing
books I got as it gave me something to do in the holidays when we were not kayaking or working on
the new farm, building a new road around the farm to help Granddad get around. Thank you for the
chocolate I got, it was very yummy though it didn't last long.
I hope you had a very good holidays and thanks for my presents.

By Dylan B   

Dear Santa

Thank you for all the presents you gave me on Christmas day. My favorite present you gave me would have to be the awesome bluish, black Go-kart. After we built the Go-kart our whole family were having races on it around grans backyard. The fastest time on the Go-kart  was Uncle Dean's time which was 20:39 seconds. I was a bit annoyed  with the Batman The Movie DVD you got me because it was region A when I needed a region B disc! My favorite present I gave someone was the color changing pillow that  went from silver to gold, that I got for Gran. At Grans we had a yummy lunch with salads, meat and the yummy sticky rolls which had lots of vegetables in them that David and Maria made. After dinner at Grans we played the bean boozed jelly bean game, luckily I got none of the bad ones. After that we did some chatting and had a go on my VR headset which you needed a phone for. About 12:00 we went home to snuggle into our cozy, warm beds, ready for boxing day in the morning.
Dear Santa

I liked what you got me for me for Christmas. I thank you for a great Christmas and thanks to you I got five presents and those were two player race cars, clothing and a drone which had four propellers on it. For our Christmas dinner we had roast chicken and chocolate cake and what do you have for Christmas dinner Santa Claus. Without you Santa no one would get Christmas presents and one thing how are the Elvis Mrs Claus. That Christmas day I spent my time with granddad and grandma and dad and mum.So thanks Santa Claus for a great Christmas day.

From Jack
Dear Santa

Thanks for an amazing Christmas. I know you work really hard to make every one's day. You really made mine. I had a really nice Christmas dinner. My favourite part was the ham. It was so good. What do u have for Christmas dinner? You gave me most of the presents I wanted. They all work really well. This year can I have a reindeer? This Christmas was one of my favourite. I enjoyed waking up in the morning and opening all my presents. What's your favourite part of Christmas? Boxing day was really fun because my cousins came to see use. We always have a water balloon fight. Its so fun. The adults join in in there clothes. My brother was throwing a balloon up to my poppa and i got him right in the back. There was a big red mark. We always end up running out of balloons so we fill up buckets of water and tip them on each other. I tipped a fill bucket on it poppa when he was trying to get my brother. So then he was going for me. So thanks again Santa for the amazing Christmas.

From Kieran

Dear Santa

I hope that it wasn’t too hard to decide what to get me for Christmas, because my mum couldn’t really choose! I think my favourite present was the bow and arrow.(I don’t think that it was from you.) It’s my favourite because I now can shoot Lulu and Annie with it when they get annoying! Though come to think of it my dad wants one too now.I have not yet tried it in the dark though I know the lights are really bright. I am still working on hitting my target, One of the arrows is stuck in a tree and it still hasn’t came out! -I think I should be writing more about Christmas day than my bow and arrow. At about 9:00 am we left to go to Auckland, oh yeah I also woke up at 3:00 in the morning and didn’t really go back to sleep(I maybe got another hours rest.) Though I did survive the long journey. When it was lunch time we had loads of options. After lunch we all gave and received presents from each other. I altogether got from those presents; light clay, lollies, chocolates and $45.My family stayed at my Nana and Pops house for the night and went home the next day. On Christmas morning I got one of my arrows stuck in a tree! But when we came home it was on the lawn already. We also were busy packing for our trip to Coromandel. I hope you have enough time to read my letter.

Dear Santa

I really thank you for getting me a PlayStation 4 for Christmas. I like playing on it and i always will. Ever since I got it i’ve gotten lots of games. I also thank you for getting me a trampoline for Christmas. I love bouncing on it. I have had a great Christmas and it wouldn’t be great if you didn’t get me any presents. I hope you have had a great Christmas. My family and I had a big feast and had lots of fun together. Next Christmas I will remember to send you another letter. Thanks for all the presents you have ever got for me, I have loved them all. I also really want to know if you get anything for delivering presents for Christmas. Do you get presents or food or maybe money? I hope you get something for all the hard work you do each year for everyone in the world. Every Christmas I have ever had was really fun and really special to me. Thank you Santa.

Yours sincerely Caleb Graham

Dear Santa

Thank you for a stuffed toy dog.  Santa I love the stuffed toy dog. It is so good it has a lead on the collar which goes on the stuffed toy dog. Thank you Santa, thank you for the chocolate. I haven’t finished the chocolate yet, I am going to eat my chocolate when it is a special treat. My dog loves the stuffed toy dog.  

Dear Santa

I would like to thank you for a good Christmas. My family and i had a great day. Shikira, Jatarla and I had a few gifts that we opened then we went up to our grans. We like to call her Mrs Claus because she brings gifts early to our house and she has white hair. We had lunch and then went up north for the rest of the day Thanks for the cool gifts and I hope you can find a good holiday spot you have done good work. Oh anyways can you make sure everyone is happy on Christmas. So keep up the good work and don’t forget that are making a lot of kids happy.

Dear Santa
I'm sorry I haven't wrote a letter to you before, but I had to do one today because my teacher said so.I’m thankful for having a yummy Christmas lunch on Christmas. We had pork,roast potatoes,chicken and other Christmas foods.Plus the pavlova was amazing.Thank you also for getting me brand new shoes and I wear them nearly everyday.I enjoy celebrating Christmas with my family and friends every year because they’re always fun to be around.Actually this Christmas I gave more presents to people than I got presents and I felt really good about myself. I guess that’s why people call Christmas the “holiday of giving.”Also I spent Boxing Day with my mum since I was at my dad’s in Auckland for Christmas. I still got lots of presents from my mum and I was so happy for what I got.I especially liked the chocolate. I love Christmas more than any other holiday because I get to spend it with my family.Next Christmas I would like some new clothes and of course lots of chocolate. I hope you enjoyed reading my letter and enjoy 2018! Oh and one last thing, my teacher Mr O would really like three pairs of socks since he didn't get any last year.

Yours Sincerely, Jacobe Fox-Jerry
Dear Santa

Thank you for my punching bag. We all ready have hooked it up and had a punch. We all love it. Thank you for my stikbot studio I have all ready made some videos. My videos are not long but i’ll send them too you,also thank you for my 50 dollars. I used it to buy a Xbox one s. I have played fifa 18, forza horizon 3 and the escapist 2. For lunch we had chicken buns that was nice. My favorite present to give to someone was Jemma I gave her some sunglasses. We spent the day with my cousin Mitchell,Uncle Scott,Nana and Popa. we went to the beach and had a swim.

From Jimbo
Dear Santa,

I know I don't normally but I would like to say thank you for giving me a packet of m&m’s, a container of jelly belly jelly beans, a $20 i tunes card and heaps of chocolate. I was so surprised on Christmas day when my Dad drove into the shed with a new bed for me. Plus that day we went to my Nana’s house in Maunu. Then for Christmas lunch we had ham, chicken, turkey and heaps of salads. Then  for pudding we had pavlova, chocolate mousse, jelly and marshmallows. After pudding we opened our presents I got $100 from my Nana and $50 from my Uncle. Then when we got home that night we had chicken and salads for dinner. Later that night I got to go onto my PlayStation 4 and I bought Fortnite save the world version. Later when I had to go to bed I was wondering if you had a good Christmas and if Mrs Claus had a good Christmas too? And do you ever give the reindeer's carrot cake to celebrate Christmas? And I wonder if the elf's have their own homes or do they live inside the factory and if they do, do they eat at a cafeteria?

From Paddy
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