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Caleb's Santa letter

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Dear Santa

I really thank you for getting me a PlayStation 4 for Christmas. I like playing on it and i always will. Ever since I got it i’ve gotten lots of games. I also thank you for getting me a trampoline for Christmas. I love bouncing on it. I have had a great Christmas and it wouldn’t be great if you didn’t get me any presents. I hope you have had a great Christmas. My family and I had a big feast and had lots of fun together. Next Christmas I will remember to send you another letter. Thanks for all the presents you have ever got for me, I have loved them all. I also really want to know if you get anything for delivering presents for Christmas. Do you get presents or food or maybe money? I hope you get something for all the hard work you do each year for everyone in the world. Every Christmas I have ever had was really fun and really special to me. Thank you Santa.

Yours sincerely Caleb Graham

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