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Dear Santa

I hope that it wasn’t too hard to decide what to get me for Christmas, because my mum couldn’t really choose! I think my favourite present was the bow and arrow.(I don’t think that it was from you.) It’s my favourite because I now can shoot Lulu and Annie with it when they get annoying! Though come to think of it my dad wants one too now.I have not yet tried it in the dark though I know the lights are really bright. I am still working on hitting my target, One of the arrows is stuck in a tree and it still hasn’t came out! -I think I should be writing more about Christmas day than my bow and arrow. At about 9:00 am we left to go to Auckland, oh yeah I also woke up at 3:00 in the morning and didn’t really go back to sleep(I maybe got another hours rest.) Though I did survive the long journey. When it was lunch time we had loads of options. After lunch we all gave and received presents from each other. I altogether got from those presents; light clay, lollies, chocolates and $45.My family stayed at my Nana and Pops house for the night and went home the next day. On Christmas morning I got one of my arrows stuck in a tree! But when we came home it was on the lawn already. We also were busy packing for our trip to Coromandel. I hope you have enough time to read my letter.

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Lachlan said...

Your work is really awesome