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Dear Santa

I hope you had a great short holiday and a good time giving out presents and receiving letters. I got a trampoline, and a horse to look after from my dad. My family met in Tauranga at my grandmas house. We had a ginormous ham that my dad cooked and a pavlova that my aunty cooked. We also had loads of chocolate and icecream. This year I gave Mum a rolling pin for her baking and i gave Uncle Rod a red bowtie for Wichard his goat. After Christmas my brother, Jimi and i went across to Hamilton to stay with Aunty Sandy and Uncle Rod. They took us to Leap the indoor trampoline park. The park had a foam pit to jump into, but Uncle Rod wouldn’t jump in with us because he was to scared that he would drown in the bits of foam.
I have always wondered what do the elves do when Christmas is not near.
Thank you Santa for the chocolate, water balloons and Knuckle Bones. Next year can I please have the Whittakers Chocolate.

Yours Sincerely,

Caitlin Thompson   

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Tayla said...

Wonderful disciription. I hope you had fun with your knuckle bones. You look beautiful.