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Dillon W's Santa letter


Dear Santa

Thank you for all the presents you gave me on Christmas day. My favorite present you gave me would have to be the awesome bluish, black Go-kart. After we built the Go-kart our whole family were having races on it around grans backyard. The fastest time on the Go-kart  was Uncle Dean's time which was 20:39 seconds. I was a bit annoyed  with the Batman The Movie DVD you got me because it was region A when I needed a region B disc! My favorite present I gave someone was the color changing pillow that  went from silver to gold, that I got for Gran. At Grans we had a yummy lunch with salads, meat and the yummy sticky rolls which had lots of vegetables in them that David and Maria made. After dinner at Grans we played the bean boozed jelly bean game, luckily I got none of the bad ones. After that we did some chatting and had a go on my VR headset which you needed a phone for. About 12:00 we went home to snuggle into our cozy, warm beds, ready for boxing day in the morning.
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Anonymous said...

Nice letter Dillon. I'm glad you had a great Christmas.

Dion said...

Cool letter Dillon and i hope you had a good Christmas. From Dion