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Dylan's Santa Letter

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Dear Santa

Thank you for my motorbike and my socks. They have made a big difference in my life because all the
rest of my socks have holes in them and my motorbike gives me something to do when my dad starts
to talk. I can just ride off up the hills and through the forest and when my sister comes out to the farm
we have races. So now I would like something to wash it up with. Thanks for my new drone now I can
save my petrol and still check out the sheep and cattle as they are always getting out. Thank you for
my telescope as now I can see the sparkling stars up close and the moon. Thank you for my amazing
books I got as it gave me something to do in the holidays when we were not kayaking or working on
the new farm, building a new road around the farm to help Granddad get around. Thank you for the
chocolate I got, it was very yummy though it didn't last long.
I hope you had a very good holidays and thanks for my presents.

By Dylan B   
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Jaquel said...

Nice recount Dylan. I like the bit when you talked about you're presents.