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Jacobe's Santa Letter

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Dear Santa
I'm sorry I haven't wrote a letter to you before, but I had to do one today because my teacher said so.I’m thankful for having a yummy Christmas lunch on Christmas. We had pork,roast potatoes,chicken and other Christmas foods.Plus the pavlova was amazing.Thank you also for getting me brand new shoes and I wear them nearly everyday.I enjoy celebrating Christmas with my family and friends every year because they’re always fun to be around.Actually this Christmas I gave more presents to people than I got presents and I felt really good about myself. I guess that’s why people call Christmas the “holiday of giving.”Also I spent Boxing Day with my mum since I was at my dad’s in Auckland for Christmas. I still got lots of presents from my mum and I was so happy for what I got.I especially liked the chocolate. I love Christmas more than any other holiday because I get to spend it with my family.Next Christmas I would like some new clothes and of course lots of chocolate. I hope you enjoyed reading my letter and enjoy 2018! Oh and one last thing, my teacher Mr O would really like three pairs of socks since he didn't get any last year.

Yours Sincerely, Jacobe Fox-Jerry
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Anonymous said...

Nice story Jacobe.