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Jaquel's Santa Letter

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Dear Santa
Thank you for the drone, I've taken pictures one hundred meters in the sky. I have been paranoid I'm going to get the drone stuck in the tree. I have also got a lot chubbier from hundreds of chocolate bars I've eaten the past few months and also thank you for the fit bit I can now burn off those chocolate bars I've eaten. Oh! and you know how I was paranoid about getting my drone stuck in the tree… it kind of is Shhh! Don't tell Mum. Hopefully it will come down soon. Are you enjoying your past two months off? Back to the chocolate again can I get the cookies and cream ones instead. Although the holidays flew past I can now work on my math skills. I had an awesome six weeks at the beach getting burnt with the cousins, and fighting over the fan (can I get a huge fan next Christmas and I maybe need a really big ladder to get the drone down from the tree) and I’ve also heard about that new Xbox coming out next year I’ve also heard I've done a lot of dishes well I'm gonna go now all this writing got me tired. Bye Santa

Yours Sincerely
Jaquel Armstrong   


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