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Jimbo's Santa letter

Dear Santa

Thank you for my punching bag. We all ready have hooked it up and had a punch. We all love it. Thank you for my stikbot studio I have all ready made some videos. My videos are not long but i’ll send them too you,also thank you for my 50 dollars. I used it to buy a Xbox one s. I have played fifa 18, forza horizon 3 and the escapist 2. For lunch we had chicken buns that was nice. My favorite present to give to someone was Jemma I gave her some sunglasses. We spent the day with my cousin Mitchell,Uncle Scott,Nana and Popa. we went to the beach and had a swim.

From Jimbo
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Breigan said...

Great description Jimbo sounds like u had a great Christmas. Awesome story

Kieran said...

That is a really well written letter Jimbo. Keep it up and I would love to read more of your story's.

Kieran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.