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Kieran's Santa Letter

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Dear Santa

Thanks for an amazing Christmas. I know you work really hard to make every one's day. You really made mine. I had a really nice Christmas dinner. My favourite part was the ham. It was so good. What do u have for Christmas dinner? You gave me most of the presents I wanted. They all work really well. This year can I have a reindeer? This Christmas was one of my favourite. I enjoyed waking up in the morning and opening all my presents. What's your favourite part of Christmas? Boxing day was really fun because my cousins came to see use. We always have a water balloon fight. Its so fun. The adults join in in there clothes. My brother was throwing a balloon up to my poppa and i got him right in the back. There was a big red mark. We always end up running out of balloons so we fill up buckets of water and tip them on each other. I tipped a fill bucket on it poppa when he was trying to get my brother. So then he was going for me. So thanks again Santa for the amazing Christmas.

From Kieran
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Anonymous said...

Amazing Story Keiran! It had great detail and description. From Ava and Pryce