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Mr Shelford Teacher for a Day.

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Time table
8:50-9:00 am Roll and notices
9:00-9:35 am Swimming
9:35-9:55 am Handwriting
9:55-10:25 am Table group activity
Morning Tea till 10:50 am  
10:50-11:40 am Maths
11:40-12:25 pm Reading
Lunch till 1:10 pm
1:10-1:20 pm SSR
1:20-2:00 pm Art
2:00 2:50 pm Game
End of the day home time.

 Swimming: Do a warm up lap of freestyle and dolphin dives , Whirlpool
   Play a game of water polo.

  Handwriting: Learning intention then do the handwriting
  card and rule off with red pen.

  Table group act: Table gets given cards with questions
   and they take turns to answer them.

  Maths: Warm up quick questions, Main lesson how to set up
 and use a number line probably,  to finish a game of around the world.

 Reading: Read an article from a journal about rugby, then fill out a work sheet.

 Art:  Student gets a piece of paper with a photo of them on it, then with cotton buds and paint the student dabs the cotton bud to paint there face.

 Game: Game of capture the flag year 7 vs year 8.  

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Yaron Overeem said...

Great work Bailey. Looks like an interesting day.