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Paddy's Santa letter

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Dear Santa,

I know I don't normally but I would like to say thank you for giving me a packet of m&m’s, a container of jelly belly jelly beans, a $20 i tunes card and heaps of chocolate. I was so surprised on Christmas day when my Dad drove into the shed with a new bed for me. Plus that day we went to my Nana’s house in Maunu. Then for Christmas lunch we had ham, chicken, turkey and heaps of salads. Then  for pudding we had pavlova, chocolate mousse, jelly and marshmallows. After pudding we opened our presents I got $100 from my Nana and $50 from my Uncle. Then when we got home that night we had chicken and salads for dinner. Later that night I got to go onto my PlayStation 4 and I bought Fortnite save the world version. Later when I had to go to bed I was wondering if you had a good Christmas and if Mrs Claus had a good Christmas too? And do you ever give the reindeer's carrot cake to celebrate Christmas? And I wonder if the elf's have their own homes or do they live inside the factory and if they do, do they eat at a cafeteria?

From Paddy
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